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Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D  v.2.5

use it you can organize all the information obtained in the real world but seen in 3D. You will see everything in 3D and then you will find very important data to do live and more useful maps. 1. Click the Download link to start the download. 2. Do

Microsoft Virtual PC  v.6.1.7600.16393

Microsoft Virtual PC 6.1.7600.16393 offers users with an easy to use yet effective tool which enables you to run many productivity applications on a virtual Windows environment, with a single click, directly from a Windows 7-based PC.Major

Security Update for Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Service Pack 1 (KB969856)  v.1.0

Security Update for Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Service Pack 1 (KB969856)

Security Update for Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (KB969856)  v.1.0

Security Update for Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (KB969856)

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1  v.

Save time and money as Virtual PC allows you to maintain the compatibility of legacy and custom applications during migration to new operating systems and increases the efficiency of support, development, and training staffs. With Microsoft®

Virtual Earth 3D  v.4.0 Beta

You can search, browse, and organize local information viewed in three dimensions, just the way it exists in the real world. This enables you to more effectively find the data that is relevant to you, making Live Maps more useful than ever. Even

Virtual Earth SDK  v.5.0

This software development kit (SDK) provides programming references and how-to topics for getting started with the standard map control for Virtual

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007  v. / 1.0

Key Features: ConfigurabilityAfter installing Virtual PC, you can configure it to suit your requirements. Virtual PC has a number of settings that control how the product interacts with the physical computer, allocates resources, and so on. Easy

Manifold Power Pack  v.1.0.2

Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth connectors, and other tools for Manifold

FS Earth Tiles  v.1.0

FS Earth Tiles is a tool to create Photorealistic Sceneries for the Microsoft Flight Smulator from satellite imagery like Google Earth, Virtual Earth and others.

Microsoft VM File Reading Vulnerability patch  v.1

Microsoft has released a patch that eliminates a security vulnerability in the Microsoft® virtual machine (Microsoft VM). The vulnerability could enable a malicious web site operatorto read files from the computer of a person who visited his site or

Virtual Server Backup  v.1.0.4

Virtual Server Backup is a script for automatic backup of Guests running under Microsoft Virtual Server.The script aims to keep downtime on a system/Guest to an absolute minimum, using the fastest possibly way to take

VMware Player for Linux  v.4.0 B471780

VMware Player is free software that enables PC users to easily run any virtual machine on a Windows or Linux PC. VMware Player runs virtual machines created by VMware Workstation, GSX Server or ESX Server and also supports Microsoft virtual machines

Gizmo Drive  v.2.6.6

L Mount ISO, BIN, CUE, NRG files to a virtual CD-ROM drive L Mount VHD files, used with Microsoft Virtual PC L Mount password protected images to a virtual hard drive L Encrypt HD images using a passphrase L Protect vital files from hackers using

Mobile GMaps  v.1.41.01

Mobile GMaps is a FREE application that displays maps from Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps, Windows Live Local (MSN Virtual Earth),, Open Street Map and other sources on Java J2ME-enabled mobile phones, PDAs and other devices. MGMaps can connect to

CamCast Computer Lab Imaging  v.0.2.0

Originally developed by IT staff at Camosun College (Victoria BC, Canada), CamCast Computer Lab Imaging (CCCLI) is a system that uses Microsoft Virtual Hard drive (VHD) technology to rapidly clone drive images to multiple target clients while these

GeoWebCache  v.1.0

GeoWebCache is a WMS tile cache that lets you serve cached map data to WMS clients, Goole Earth, Google Maps and MS Virtual Earth. The system is pluggable on both ends and does automatic matching to the best available tile. It is very fast and

Shp2GeoRss  v.1.0

shp2georss: Convert esri shape file to GeoRSS, which can be viewed in Virtual Earth,Yahoo map,Google Map,Sponsored by National Science Foundation of United States,Idaho State University,developed by Joe Hu at MapWindow software lab,Idaho State

Weird Hospital  v.1.0

You are the manager of a hospital. Recruit employees, build treatment rooms, buy equipment. Medicate patients and heal them.Make your hospital the number one on (virtual) earth. Remake of popular old games like Theme Hospital and Biing

ENSTracking  v.1.0

ENSTracking (ENSol's tracking system) is a Web-based GPS Tracking System. It uses GWT & ExtGS as frontend and OpenGTS and OpenDMTP as backend and client software. It supports OpenLayers, Google Maps & MS Virtual Earth.

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